About us

Lupacompany is the collective name for a group of companies that focusses on administrative, fiscal, financial and legal support for private individuals, companies and organizations. We are there for clients that want to make a success out of their enterprise and projects or who want to have their private administration well arranged. With our efforts we can expedite that progress. Lupacompany is there for anyone with fiscal, financial or legal questions. 

Lupacompany is located at the Jacob van Lennepkade 205 in Amsterdam (oud West). The office has six fixed and two flexible workspaces and two meeting rooms. Additionally, we have fixed workspaces at several of our clients.

The team of Lupacompany consists of twelve employees that all work from their own specialty. For example, you may need the help of a lawyer when drafting contracts in addition to a bookkeeper. Or maybe you need someone to manage your budget or help you by coaching you in entrepreneurship. With our in-house specialists we can quickly see what you need and how we can help you. This always happens from our core values; ambition, enjoyment and added value.

Marco Kooistra is the owner (Mr. Wolf) of Lupacompany. Marco is a business economist and is working in Business Management since 2001. He always asks the question of how financial information can help your company progress in the general management of your organization. This interpretation of information can only be done because of knowledge in entrepreneurship, economics and financial management.

Do you think we can help you? Contact us at info [at] lupacompany.com

Lupacompany - values, ambition and fun