Invoice Lupacompany now electronic, digitally and via e-invoicing

In the past few years, Lupacompany has gradually focussed more on digital correspondence. We now send reminders through e-mails, reports and personal communication. Invoices, however, we did not yet send digitally. Considering the increasing price of postage and the number of clients that wish to receive their invoices digitally, we have started to send invoices via e-mail since September 2018. Only when the recipient does not have an email address, do we still send the invoice via regular mail.    

Invoices electronically in PDF and XML

You receive your invoice in PDF and XML format. We will explain the difference between these two formats below.

PDF is a digital invoice

A digital invoice is when you receive or send an invoice via e-mail in PDF format. A PDF is a well-known format in which you can read files. It is the digital version of paper.  

XML is e-invoice

XML means Extensible Markup Language and is a standard format for the structured data in plain text. XML is a digital data file that is made for a financial system that can be read by another financial system because the structure of the data file is fixed and used in the same way by different parties.