Corona and Lupacompany: reopening

Policy Corona period july 1 to august 31st 2020

We have adapted our office to Corona. We have a small reception at the door. We protected the desks and we created a meeting room in which we can stick to the 1,5 meters distance. These are the measures for the above period:

1. Staff is working both at home and in the office.

2. You can hand in your administration at the reception or by post/email.

3. You can make an appointment by email of telephone per mid july to have a meeting in our meeting room. 

4. We will keep record of everyone using the meeting room, for contact tracing purpose in case of corona infection. 

Team Lupacompany, june 2020

Policy Corona period march 15 to june 30th 2020

Here you can find what Lupacompany will do to help our clients and to safeguard the health of our employees and clients.

  1. The work will continue
  2. The office can be reached by telephone
  3. Everyone at Lupacompany will work from home
  4. We will maintain a small team in the office to receive and proceed mail
  5. Consults will be done by telephone and email.
  6. No meetings will take place in the office
  7. We like to get mail (admin, dossiers) via email.

Date: 15 maart 2020

Team of Lupacompany