Overview of services and products

We work to make success possible for you, for each fase and size. We can support you in legal, fiscal, administrative, financial and management matters for private individuals, companies and organisations.

Here an overview of our services:

Administration, projectadministration and finance

  • Bookkeeping;
  • Payment/batch automation;
  • Salary -and personeladministration;
  • Finance for bigger companies;
  • Delivering administration and projectadministration ;
  • Subscription administration.


  • Writing fundingrequest for loans or grants;
  • Taxconsulting and declaration:
  • Strategic consulting;
  • Businesslaw;
  • Fiscal law and planning;
  • Business coaching;
  • Lifeevent coaching;
  • Budgetcoaching.

Financial controlling and business management

  • Business director;
  • financial management;
  • Business controller;
  • Board advise;
  • Secretarial services.

Business Partner

  • Developing business;
  • Starting joint ventures.

Hour rates and fixes prices

Hour rates

Rate A- Basic rate EU 70,- per hour (for administration and bookkeeping)

Rate B-Pro rate (Small companies) EU 105,- per hour (for all fiscal, law, HR consulting and declaration, business consulting and controlling.

Rate C- Pro rate (Big companies) EU 180,- per hour (for all fiscal, law, HR consulting and declaration, business consulting and controlling.

Contact us at info [at] lupacompany.com if you have a question or request.