Finances and banking

Our vision on the sectors

In order to prevent that banks can only maintain established through governmental interference -as was the case in the recent past-, the banking industry has to do with drastic measures to guarantee continuation. European supervision and mandatory capital buffers are examples of changes the sector has been confronted with in the last decennia.
Furthermore, due to the introduction of negative interest on savings and growing inflation rates, depositors are increasingly looking for alternative ways of gaining financial returns. Investments in companies through private savings as well as outside capital are more and more common, with or without management resources. Because banks are often hesitant to finance, especially with smaller amounts, other parties step in and crowdfunding is an increasing alternative to loaning from banks. At the same time, company investments in material assets are growing steadily, after a temporarily decrease in the corona year 2020. Also, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more common means for payments and investments, the digitalisation of payments continue on, inflation is fastening, and the total amount of debts is rising. In sum, there is an enormous change process going on and in the financial industry you are in the midst of the storm. More than ever, flexibility and vision are required to start or continue to stand strong in this segment. 

Our Clients

Amongst our clients, Luypacompany serves management- and investment private limited companies. Also, we work with and for administrators. Our own company Aeslupa helps private persons with budget management and administration.

Our services

Lupacompany combines strategy development with financial management and legal advice. In other words: we offer a series of different services in a multidisciplinary way. Because of our combination of expertise, we are able to give fast, complete and multi-levelled answers to the questions and needs of our clients. Our professionals do this in a passionate, thorough and well substantiated manner.

This is what we offer

  • Administrative- and fiscal services
  • Financial management
  • Legal services
  • Financing- and subsidy applications
  • Strategic- and business development
  • Staff- and salary administration

Lupacompany in practice

With our company Aeslupa, we have helped numerous people to get a basic bank account and getting and remaining financially healthy. On a business scale, Lupacompany has supported and advised on the establishment of private limited companies with management- and investment structures. Besides a wide range of generally occurring fiscal and legal services, we also offered guidance and counselling with the buying and selling of companies, company assets and the hiring and dismissal of staff.