Theatre, film, media, and visual art

Our vision on the sectors

A main feature of the creative sector is the enormous amount of work that is done behind the scenes, to create the perfect picture in the spotlights. Any production of considerable size demands great effort and (financial) investments of the creators. Often outside the public eye lots of work is done to keep up with digital innovations, to deal with crises like corona, to handle ever changing legal policies and to participate on demands of subsidisation. 
More and more being an entrepreneur in the creative industry entails also doing marketing, sales, administration and keeping your company financially healthy. At Lupacompany we always see our clients in this field work very hard, we often see them bloom but also struggle sometimes. This is where we jump in and relieve them from their burdens.

Our Clients

Amongst our clients we have small creative companies, big projects, festivals, and continuously subsidized artistic groups. We offer services to quite a few artists, art teachers, some art galleries, but also suppliers that have art as their main focus. In sum, we have a colourfully mixed group of creative clients, and we are able to offer services from big too small. Are you working on a project? We are very well able to administrate projects in the phases it demands.

Our services

Lupacompany combines strategy development with financial management and legal advice. In other words: we offer a series of different services in a multidisciplinary way. Because of our combination of expertise, we are able to give fast, complete and multi-levelled answers to the questions and needs of our clients. Our professionals do this in a passionate, thorough, and well substantiated manner.

This is what we offer

  • Administrative- and fiscal services
  • Financial management
  • Legal services
  • Financing- and subsidy applications
  • Strategic- and business development
  • Staff- and salary administration

Lupacompany in practice

Lupacompany has worked (and is still working) for film festivals dancing groups, theatre festivals, musical companies, documentary/film makers and producers of (children’s) performance acts. We offer groups, companies, creative teams, and artists –besides the regular bookkeeping, accounting, invoicing, taxes and administration- a thorough project administration. We provide with services that are otherwise done by business leaders.
We have drawn up numerous contracts, led business negotiations, developed budget statements, successfully wrote subsidy requests. Lupacompany is experienced in financially managing projects, selling a performance, and arranging copyright, royalties, commissions, and fees.

We are happy to help you grow and flourish as an artist and entrepreneur!