Education and coaching

Our vision on the sectors

Education, training and coaching has more and more become a market in which self-employed professionals offer their services. The Dutch government stimulates education and aims to contribute to schooling opportunities by for example offering subsidies like STAP-budget (as of 2022) and applying low VAT rates on educational expenses. This leads to possibilities for entrepreneurs to offer their schooling services in a fiscally attractive manner.
On the other hand, if you offer educational services, it might be very difficult to reach higher commercial goals: often lessons are one-on-one and attended by private persons. It is not realistic to price these services so high that they become out of reach of your target group. Companies are more likely to have a big budget for training and coaching of their staff. This specific area is especially interesting if you are looking for (financial) growth.

Our clients

Lupacompany offers services to several different self-employed teachers (singing, language). But also we support clients that offer services to help companies. From acting coaches to trainers that contribute to team building and group strategies: Lupacompany takes care of fiscal, legal, administrative and strategic activities to support their work.

Our services

Lupacompany combines strategy development with financial management and legal advice. In other words: we offer a series of different services in a multidisciplinary way. Because of our combination of expertise, we can give fast, complete and multi-levelled answers to the questions and needs of our clients. Our professionals do this in a passionate, thorough, and well substantiated manner.

This is what we offer

  • Administrative- and fiscal services
  • Financial management
  • Legal services
  • Financing- and subsidy applications
  • Strategic- and business development
  • Staff- and salary administration

Lupacompany in practice

In the educational sector we have experience at many different levels. We have -amongst other things- done the administration for educators, wrote annual financial statements, helped with the application of a mortgage, gave advice on VAT and arranged VAT exemptions.