Tourism and transport

Our vision on the sectors

After the record year of 2019, no-one could have foreseen the immense decrease in gaining the tourist industry would suffer from shortly after that. In the Netherlands, the added value of the industry decreased with a whopping 47% in 2020. And still many entrepreneurs in the tourism industry are hardly recovered from the enormous backlash of Covid and depending on state support to survive. We at Lupacompany look at the tourism industry as a sector that faces big strategic and financial challenges. Not only due to the recent lockdowns and restrictions, but also because of the decreasing numbers of available staff and the increasing political and social demands concerning sustainability.
This challenge is also strongly felt in the industry of transport. Strict requirements for reducing co2 emission and Brexit are only a few of the transitions this sector is faced with. But whereas adaption is necessary, the transport of goods is actually growing at this time. The growth opportunities that derive for –especially smaller- entrepreneurs are clearly envisioned by us. Creativity, the exploration of new paths and a solid and clear (financial, strategic, and legal) vision are properties we love to support. For both companies that are flourishing, as businesses that struggle to keep their heads above water.

Our Clients

Amongst our clients, there are those who offer services to tourists in Amsterdam, and Dutch tourist guides that mainly work abroad. Furthermore, we offer services to newer forms of entrepreneurship, like bloggers who write and inform about travelling and recreation.

Our services

Lupacompany combines strategy development with financial management and legal advice. In other words: we offer a series of different services in a multidisciplinary way. Because of our combination of expertise we are able to give fast, complete and multi-levelled answers to the questions and needs of our clients. Our professionals do this in a passionate, thorough, and well substantiated manner.

This is what we offer

  • Administrative- and fiscal services
  • Financial management
  • Legal services
  • Financing- and subsidy applications
  • Strategic- and business development
  • Staff- and salary administration

Lupacompany in practice

We’ve offered a broad range of administrative services to companies in tourism and transport. Lupacompany has for example done staff and wage administration, license applications, tax declarations and has written annual financial statements. We are always available and happy to discuss how our services can support your organisation.